I Believe in Rock ’n Roll

A track from the 1985 album by Twisted Sister. That creed never left me! 

The Stage is my home!!

Next Album 2024:

All Female Vocals Project!

Unsere Kunden

Wir sind erfahren, verlässlich sowie fokussiert auf gute Ergebnisse und wissen es zu schätzen, mit großartigen Kunden zusammenzuarbeiten.

We don't make delicacies from gourmet restaurants, we make hamburgers that taste good!
Paul Stanley 

A quote that could also apply to Stephan Georg 

Feel The Power!


Internationally known singers on every album !


These musicians mostly involved 

Never change a winner team!

Heavy rock without frills but with full force and a lot of melody

The musicians listed here have already been guests on my albums


I'm looking forward to hearing from you 


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